60th Wedding Anniversary

Perhaps the most spectacular of all anniversaries, if only for its relative rarity. The sixtieth wedding anniversary is known as the diamond anniversary because of the gift of a diamond between lovers. There is also a second, metaphorical reason behind it. Diamonds are forged after years of pressure and toil, deep within the earth’s crust.

After sixty years together, a couple has been through it all – they have spent over half of a human lifetime together. It means they are blessed in multiple ways: not only at having found true love in one another, but in living beyond the expected time. The husband traditionally provides the gift of a diamond ring, necklace, earrings, or similar item to the wife. Other gifts that are acceptable include fine wines, photo albums, silver plated photo albums, and more.

Knowing the four major anniversaries can bring a bit of romance and wonder to an aspect of life which carries an all too negative connotation these days. Let it be known that there are special anniversaries for a reason: to celebrate what it really means to love.

60th wedding anniversary wishes

I’m not surprised that we’ve been together for 60 years. Growing old with you has been my plan since I said “I do”. You’ve always been by my side when I needed you most, and I love you more than words can describe. Happy anniversary to my best friend
We have had 60 wonderful years
So many memories we’ve shared
From daily pleasures to yearly milestones
There’s nothing that I can compare
Every memory we’ve had has been such a pleasure
I love you my dear, thank you for sixty years together
Sixty years of joyful bliss!
Is this for real, or is it a myth?
No, indeed, it is very real,
As real as it will ever get.
Today I renew my vow to you,
For, lo, these many years your love has proven true.
Sixty years of love and happiness.
You are a team that has come through for 60 years. Have a beautiful anniversary as you celebrate the unending love you have for each other.

60th wedding anniversary poems

As a diamond lasts forever
Our sixty years of love is an eternal treasure
Priceless, beautiful, amazing to behold,
A unique marriage from a very special mold.
Thank you for being my partner each day
Walking beside me each step of the way.
You are the priceless diamond of my life
Bringing riches without measure to each special day.
For sixty years we've overcome strife
And enjoyed our love's sunshine's unique bright ray.