Wedding anniversary wishes for wife

When giving wedding anniversary wishes to the wife, the script is completely different (wishes to husband). A woman needs to hear how beautiful and attractive she is. She also needs to know how much she is loved. A woman wants to know that she is still so beautiful to her mate and that she is worth fighting for.

Remind her of how much she is still loved and how the love has grown over the years. Bring up specific examples of things that she is loved for whether it's her dynamic smile or the way she can cook in the kitchen. Shower her with words of beauty and appreciation and remind her that she will always have her husband's support through thick and thin.

Messages from husband to wife

Dear Wife, You add sweetness and love to all of my days. I could not ask for a more lovely lady. Thank you for all of the little ways that you have made each day of our marriage special. Happy anniversary!
As we honor the day we first walked down the aisle so that two could become one, I reflect on how much love for you grows with each milestone, each day, each kiss. Here is to many more anniversaries together, my bride.
I must be blessed,
To have such a life,
To have such a friend,
To have such a wife,
You’ve made me the man,
That I am today,
I love you so much,
In every way,
Happy anniversary!
Dear Wife, I may not always say it, but I am always grateful for the opportunity to share this life with you. You have made me feel so loved, and being your husband is an honor that I do not take lightly. I love you. Happy anniversary!
To my beautiful bride, with each passing year you grow only more extraordinary to me. I celebrate our anniversary today and celebrate that you are my wife each and every day. Thank you for being my wife and my best friend.
These years have felt like seasons,
Months like weeks,
And days like hours…
I guess time flies when you’re the luckiest man in the world!
Happy anniversary,
I look forward to a future that flies by!