Wedding anniversary wishes

Wedding anniversaries are huge milestones. With a 50% success rate, any married couple that's committed to the institution and one another should be celebrated. To begin a wedding anniversary message, it's nice to open up acknowledging the couple by name and making a note of how many years the couple has been together. Remembering the name and the anniversary year are the two most important points to remember.

From then on, focus on what the couple means to you. Talk about different memories you've had over the years with said couple. It's great to talk about the strengths of the husband as well as the strengths of the wife. Afterwards, focus on how their strengths come together to make a force to be truly reckoned with.

Depending on the year of marriage, there should be words of encouragement and advice, if possible. If the couple has completed their first year of marriage, congratulate them on making it through year one. Take time to also encourage them to continue to grow as a unit and walk in love and unity with one another. Remind them that it may take some time and finessing to work out the challenges that come with merging an entire life with someone else's but it will come. Marriage is a fine art that should be appreciated and paid attention to.

Also encourage them to never give up. For the couple that may be at year 60, this would be a great opportunity to focus on the beauty of their relationship and how much has yielded as a result of their union (children, homes, financial/emotional stability, refined character, etc). Consider the couple before writing the heartfelt letter. Every person is different and every couple is different. Respect those differences and then write from the heart.

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