25th Wedding Annniversary Poems

When someone you know is celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, you will most likely be trying to figure out the best way to let them know how happy you are for them. Sometimes, simple sentences do not show enough thought and emotion. Poetry is a great way to say what you’re thinking, and have it express how you’re feeling as well. There is something about the rhythm of poetry that has more emotional power than simply saying words in sentence or phrase.

We have a collection of newly written poems that were made specifically for 25th wedding anniversaries. All of these poems rhyme, and they touch the soul of couples who are celebrating their 25th anniversary. This is a great way to show them how special they are to you.

The first electric touch, so long ago,
is still here.
It resides beneath your skin,
etched into your fingertips
and mine,
so that when we touch,
we still ignite.
Perhaps this is some sort
of coding,
and if we looked hard enough,
we'd see our love
spelled out beneath the microscope.
Lately, I have been dividing
everything into quarters in my mind:
my sandwich,
nights of sleep,
the blade of grass
I pick apart in my hands.
One quarter of my life
has been with you,
and this is the sweetest division.
Paper-encased lanterns
hung brightly at the party.
As we leave,
my hand on your hip,
I remember that we have
the same bodies
as when we were teenagers.
This always surprises me,
because every time I touch you,
you are someone new.
You made me a promise before love's shrine
and we pledged ourselves that day.
You took your hand in mine
and chased all my fears away.
You put your heart out on the line
and somehow, we found a way.
Our hearts are one and the same in the soft light of dawn.
Their callouses are real, but that's what makes them ours.
Time has brought it's storms, but every one we have weathered.
Life can bring a thousand more, we will make it through together.
For a moment in your embrace, I could wait a thousand years.
to see a smile on your face, I could bear a thousand tears.
To be where you are, I could swim the coldest sea.
It matters not how far, so long as you are here with me.